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0005469SUMoBugpublic2021-02-05 08:00
Reporterwolf Assigned ToKyle_Katarn  
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
Product Version5.9 
Target Version5.12.x 
Summary0005469: SUMo reporting components twice instead of once
DescriptionI have SUMo Pro installed as well as with several components including SUMo Portable. I've added the installation location of to the folders for scanning by SUMo Pro and have run it in order to include these findings in the resulting report. There seems to be a fundamental bug in installed SUMo for such a configuration. It reports all components of the local installation TWICE and those installed additionally outside that platform another time. One of the two report entries has the suffix Portable and as publisher, the other one is without that suffix and with the original component publisher as publisher although with an installation path below the installation root. And in case that such a component is also installed outside in classical manner, this tool is reported a third time with the standard installation path. This happens not only for SUMo but also for some other tools on my device.

I didn't read details for developers on how to integrate a software into the platform. So it's an unverified assumptions that they do some similar adaption in the manner of a side-by-side installation resulting in various folders for the component to integrate including the unmodified original component. Because of this need of adaption around the original tool, it takes quiet some time before a tool released by the original tool publisher gets updated into framework. In this mean time the original component gets reported as out of date with available update although it is not yet released by for every such component!

So as long as hierarchical SUMo reports are not yet implemented, please suppress this 2nd reporting of the component with original signature keeping just the one with signature, and hence preventing this kind of generic false and undue update notifications.
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related to 0005470 acknowledgedKyle_Katarn SUMo Pro behaviour for component SUMo 



2019-05-07 22:26

administrator   ~0003260

Screenshot please (+logs in debug mode if possible)


2019-05-09 11:37


sumo.portable.20190809.png (141,263 bytes)   
sumo.portable.20190809.png (141,263 bytes)   


2019-05-09 11:37

reporter   ~0003265

Do you really need the complete log file?
That's not possible as even with another Windows standard default text editor, the limit of 10000 lines remains. As a work around I saved the log file three times, the first one almost 7000 lines long while the other two are each 10000 lines long. The size varies a little bit below or above 1 MByte for the latter and more than half of that for the first. So this is not supported by your MantisBT configuration. I only may send them Email if your Mail server supports it. The first log file is for SUMo startup just with debug added to my previous configuration. The 2nd log file is for scanning and the 3rd one for checking.

For the screenshots, I selected SUMo Portable with its component SUMo and SumatraPDF Portable with its component SumatraPDF as well as the SUMo report of the installed SUMo Pro version I'll see if I may send an extract of the debug log for scanning. (This log, not the extract, is larger than 1 MB.) Or do you need an extract of the debug log for checking?
paf.sumo.port.20190509.png (126,303 bytes)   
paf.sumo.port.20190509.png (126,303 bytes)   
paf.sumo.20190509.png (124,441 bytes)   
paf.sumo.20190509.png (124,441 bytes)   
paf.sumatra.port.20190509.png (109,023 bytes)   
paf.sumatra.port.20190509.png (109,023 bytes)   
paf.sumatra.20190509.png (101,700 bytes)   
paf.sumatra.20190509.png (101,700 bytes)   


2019-05-09 21:08

administrator   ~0003266

Is the problem only for SUMo or even other PortableApps products ?


2019-05-09 22:33

reporter   ~0003268

As reported, the issue is generic. It concerns SUMo's handling of ALL tools within the PortableApps framework. The screenshots show it for SUMo Portable, SumatraPDF and partially for Startup Sentinel. The debugging logs send by email should show it for all tools installed within the PortableApps framework.

I repeat my reminder that although this issue might be easier and quicker to fix, the related issue needs to be fixed before as otherwise the fix of the related issue can no longer be tested.


2019-05-10 21:49

administrator   ~0003269



2021-02-05 08:00

administrator   ~0004158

I can't reproduce with latest release.... would you please confirm it's still applicable to 5.12.4 or later ?

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