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0005470SUMoBugpublic2019-05-21 18:21
Reporterwolf Assigned ToKyle_Katarn  
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Product Version5.9 
Target Version5.12.x 
Summary0005470: SUMo Pro behaviour for component SUMo
DescriptionI have SUMo Pro installed as well as with several components including SUMo Portable. I've added the installation location of to the folders for scanning by SUMo Pro and have run it in order to include these findings in the resulting report. I further have configured SUMo Pro not to use the shortcut to direct download of developer resp. publisher web site but continue lookup on SUMo server web site. There seems to be a fundamental bug in installed SUMo for such a configuration. It reports all components of the local installation TWICE and those installed additionally outside that platform another time. One of the two report entries has the suffix Portable and as publisher, the other one is without that suffix and with the original component publisher as publisher although with an installation path below the installation root. And in case that such a component is also installed outside in classical manner, this tool is reported a third time with the standard installation path. This happens not only for SUMo but also for some other tools on my device.

I didn't read details for developers on how to integrate a software into the platform. So it's an unverified assumptions that they do some similar adaption in the manner of a side-by-side installation resulting in various folders for the component to integrate including the unmodified original component. Because of this need of adaption around the original tool, it takes quiet some time before a tool released by the original tool publisher gets updated into framework. In this mean time the original component gets reported as out of date with available update although it is not yet released by for every such component! This is the case for the component SUMo already for several months.

When in clicking on the component SUMo of component SUMo Portable of in the SUMo Pro report, it does not perform the configured lookup on SUMo server but instead opens a popup window in SUMo Pro reporting its installation as outdated and the choice for performing auto-update, manual update or closing of this popup window. When selecting auto-update, it works as if SUMo Pro would have been out of date and updated although SUMo Pro had reported SUMo Pro as up to date and the subcomponent SUMo with signature of KC Softwares of the component SUMo Portable with the signature of as outdated. Although tool tip in SUMo Pro report show that this subcomponent of of is concerned and not SUMo Pro itself, SUMo Pro acts if SUMo Pro would be concerned.

Hence auto-update replaces SUMo Pro version by version and keeping version of the path unmodified!

So fixing the bug 5469 will not fix this other bug. It would only hide this bug.

I guess this bug and phenomen concerns two locations, not just one. The first point is that SUMo Pro doesn't take into account installation path for deciding to propose auto-update and being out of date although it could know that it does not concern the actually running instance but a different instance at a different installation path! And the second location is that when auto-update is selected in SUMo Pro report and popup window for the subcomponent, it doesn't take into account the current installation path of that selected component as if there woul only exist one instance which is not the case.
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2019-05-07 22:27

administrator   ~0003261

Please attach screenshot to clarify problem statement. Thanks !


2019-05-09 00:36

reporter   ~0003264

Sorry, I can't. I tried for more as the length of a soccer game. MantisBT dropped my first note due to timeout. And the standard Windows Snipping Tool for taking screenshots wasn't quick enough to catch the auto-update window with scroll bar and the auto-update selection window in the background. So I've to repeat again. (MantisBT in your configuration allows to return to the written description section but not to the written note section. After timeout, it returns to the EMPTY note section.

The 1st screenshot shows the three instances of SUMo reported with just one being claimed out of date. On the top of the screenshot you see that report has been created by the actual SUMo Pro instance with current version

When double-clicking on that outdated SUMo entry with version, the corresponding SUMo server report should appear as configured. Instead the popup window for informing of available update of the currently running SUMo instance appears asking to select which update method to use with auto-update being preselected as it is a Pro instance. The portable instance with older version would not be a Pro instance and hence should pre-select manual update. This 2nd screenshot shows this selection and information popup window and has the token "upd" in its file name.

The 3rd screenshot shows the reason why SUMo is reported three times as reported in the related issue. In order to be able to take a screenshot for this situation, I reconfigured SUMo to show the file path of detected tools in column instead of tool tip. Additionally, it shows that the related issue is generic as you can see that the same pattern applies for the detected tools Sumatra PDF just below and Startup Sentinel further down in the same screenshot. The file name of this third screenshot has a more recent date token.

Please keep in mind to fix this error first before fixing the related one as you'll no longer be able to reproduce and test this current issue due to hiding effect.
sumo.portable.20190808.png (95,723 bytes)   
sumo.portable.20190808.png (95,723 bytes)   
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sumo.portable.upd.20190808.png (61,086 bytes)   
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sumo.portable.20190809.png (141,263 bytes)   


2019-05-09 21:09

administrator   ~0003267

Thanks !

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