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0005478SUMoBugpublic2019-10-12 16:09
Reporterwolf Assigned ToKyle_Katarn  
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Product Version5.9 
Target VersionShort term 
Summary0005478: display of text in status line (HiDPI)
DescriptionPlease render the behaviour of the status lines of SUMo at the bottom deterministic, including the display of text. When installing SUMo on my devices in spring of last year (after Secunia PSI becoming obsolete), the status lines behaved consistently, showing graphical progress bars and various status text information at the bottom and still happening on one of my devices as shown in the screenshot for scanning. On other devices, the second status line with text information doesn't display anymore, regardless if showing at some local default window size or full screen mode as you may see in most other screenshots already provided and repeated here for the HP company name consolidation resp. rationalization. Its over the time of use, this text line gots lost on most devices and I don't see a configuration option for that undesired behaviour nor how to return to the original behaviour. So it seems yet out of my control.
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related to 0004338 assignedKyle_Katarn HiDPI issues 



2019-05-11 18:06


sumo.scan.20190510.png (186,115 bytes)   
sumo.scan.20190510.png (186,115 bytes)   
sumo.hp.20190508.II.png (85,731 bytes)   
sumo.hp.20190508.II.png (85,731 bytes)   


2019-05-12 09:52

administrator   ~0003280

Looks like it's simply due to 0004338
Do you confirm you're using HiDPI configuration ? (looks like it's the case, looking at your screenshot)


2019-05-13 02:14

reporter   ~0003284

I know the abbreviation HiDPI. But I'm not sure about its meaning. What does it mean?
And how may I determine if this is the case for me?

I can say that usually, I don't use a 4K display although this may happen from time to time. The situation described and the screenshots supplied were on Full HD displays with no 4K display attached. And I think that Full HD displays became standard for a few years now, first for PC and later also for notebooks and smartphones.


2019-05-13 16:41

reporter   ~0003285

I further observer that the issue with status line doesn't appear on that same device for DUMo while happening for SUMo. It's the same display resultion.

If I take data of Intel Graphics tool, then it reports display size of the screen differently. With this size reported, Full HD corresponds to a resolution of about 143.89 dpi. Former standard resolution on former devices and operating systems have long been 96 dpi. And according to what I know of HiDPI, the relation to resolution is indirect not direct, usually starting with 192 dpi with corresponding configuration.


2019-05-13 19:35

administrator   ~0003286

Very interesting details !
Is DUMo showing fine in High DPI ??


2019-05-13 22:47

reporter   ~0003289

Yes, you understood correctly that DUMo is not showing any problems on my main device while SUMo lost its text status line with this middle resolution. I don't know if you call it HiDPI. And I don't know if its relevant, I also used scaling set at 175% for text (not graphics).

Note is the situation which I've learned being called HiDPI configuration while note is not such a configuration although also using a 4K display as the user of the previous note. And opposed to that context, my display resolution is just full HD with standard display size for notebook. My configuration and the configuration of that last note may expect symptoms due to aliasing. That's something different to disappearing part of a window. These scalings of 125% and 175% are not called HiDPI configuration as far as I know.

I don't remember if it was days or weeks that SUMo showed correctly on this device, and for several months now showing this strange effect.

When I now examined the effects for changing scaling to the value automatically recommended by Windows for my device, things changed. This recommended value was scaling of 125% for text only. And as a result, changeing forced a logoff and the following logon and SUMo check showed the missing bottom status text line back again. Other applications including DUMo had no such dependencies.


2019-05-14 01:08

reporter   ~0003290

I now checked also on my other device with this effect. It has a smaller display and a smaller resolution of just HD, not full HD. Calculating dpi I came to almost 146.5 dpi. There the scaling was user defined at 125% text which coincided with the value recommended automatically by Windows. When replacing 125% user defined by 125%, the text status line at the bottom reappeared also. I've no clue what's the difference between 125% user defined scaling and 125% system scaling for text.


2019-05-14 20:59

administrator   ~0003291

I never tried this... this probably opens a new field of investigations ! Thanks !


2019-05-16 18:38

reporter   ~0003299

The issue is clear, feedback provided, work-around detected and reported solution still not clear but issue scheduled. Why didn't the state of this issue still remain in state feedback expected?
What kind of feedback do you still expect by whom before changing state of this issue?
(I can't tell into which state I expect as I didn't find the workflow documentation.)


2019-05-16 20:54

administrator   ~0003305

Sorry, my mistake. Status is now set to acknowledge.

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