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0005491SUMoBugpublic2019-09-29 10:59
Reporterwolf Assigned ToKyle_Katarn  
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
OSWindows 10OS Version1809 64-bit 
Product Version5.9.1 
Target VersionLong term 
Summary0005491: SUMo doesn't find the Windows Admin Center nor its plug-ins
DescriptionNow its more than 13 months that Microsoft introduced (without announcement) the Windows Admin Center product with its plug-ins comparable to the management consoles introduced 21 years before. SUMo still doesn't seem detecting it even when Microsoft product detection and reporting is enabled in SUMo. Windows Admin Center is for the management of Windows 10, Windows Server 2012 and later, and some infrastructure.
Steps To ReproduceEnable Microsoft product detection and reporting in SUMo,
then start the scan action of SUMo and
look at the resulting report.
Additional InformationWhen repeating the above steps in SUMo verbose mode, interesting entries are found in the verbose log file. Here's an extract:

Verbose [19-05-20 23:20:22] Adding file : C:\Program Files\Windows Admin Center\winpty-agent.exe
Verbose [19-05-20 23:23:00] Loading 1276/4454 : C:\Program Files\Windows Admin Center\SmeDesktop.exe
Verbose [19-05-20 23:23:18] Loading 3316/4454 : C:\Program Files\Windows Admin Center\winpty-agent.exe
Verbose [19-05-20 23:24:12] Removing C:\Program Files\Windows Admin Center\winpty-agent.exe (Cause : Leer / Ung├╝ltige Version (winpty-agent (64 bits) / / ))

I don't know if SUMo has a similar problem here as with Windows Apps introduced in Windows 8. Installer and its database are different to classical software tools as are version info too.


related to 0005492 feedbackKyle_Katarn SUMo cannot add folder for the Windows Admin Center plug-ins to its scanning folders 



2019-05-21 02:47

reporter   ~0003355

According to the verbose SUMo log I should not expect some entry for winpty-agent.exe as it is reported as removed. For which product name shall I look into the SUMo report for SmeDesktop.exe?


2019-05-21 21:52

administrator   ~0003359

Not supported because do not hold version info.

OK to close ?


2019-05-22 14:24

reporter   ~0003363

That's not true. As already written in the additional info to the description, these files carry optionally carry version info and SUMo claims ignoring just those which don't make use of it. So your argument holds for winpty-agent.exe while SUMo log doesn't make such claims for SmeDesktop.exe. See my previous note above.

And attached you'll find the version info via details when navigating with Windows explorer. So I repeat my question as which tool does SUMo report this detected versioned tool?
smedesk.ver.20190522.png (23,897 bytes)   
smedesk.ver.20190522.png (23,897 bytes)   


2019-05-22 19:08

administrator   ~0003368

Do you confirm that SmeDesktop.exe is correctly loaded ?


2019-05-22 22:51


sumo.srv.sme.20190522.png (69,936 bytes)   
sumo.srv.sme.20190522.png (69,936 bytes)   


2019-05-22 22:51

reporter   ~0003377

What do you mean by your question?

Do you mean correctly loaded by SUMo?

If you mean that, then it seems so. Both applications were reported in the SUMo log file as being correctly loaded. While SUMo log reported winpty-agent.exe as being dropped due to missing version info, it did no such report for SmeDesktop.exe.

I couldn't find it reported under a product name as Windows Admin Center nor Admin Center. When now resorting the SUMo report to product name as SmeDesktop 64 bits, I found it reported and up to date. But a lookup at SUMo server wasn't successful bringing me to the start page of SUMo server with hotlist. Even when entering the reported product name into the search field of that SUMo server start page I got a reply without expected information, see attached screenshots.
sumo.sme.20190522.png (248,291 bytes)   
sumo.sme.20190522.png (248,291 bytes)   


2019-05-27 22:12

administrator   ~0003399

OK, i'll check why SUMo search server does not find anything likely due to "working data flush" i you're the only one reporting data for this one.

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