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0005492SUMoBugpublic2019-09-29 10:59
Reporterwolf Assigned ToKyle_Katarn  
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OSWindows 10OS Version1809 64-bit 
Product Version5.9.1 
Target VersionLong term 
Summary0005492: SUMo cannot add folder for the Windows Admin Center plug-ins to its scanning folders
DescriptionNow its more than 13 months that Microsoft introduced (without announcement) the Windows Admin Center product with its plug-ins comparable to the management consoles introduced 21 years before. SUMo still doesn't seem detecting it even when Microsoft product detection and reporting is enabled in SUMo. Windows Admin Center is for the management of Windows 10, Windows Server 2012 and later, and some infrastructure.

As long as SUMo doesn't look into all standard locations for such programs, these plug-ins cannot be found. A work-around would be the use of additional folders in SUMo settings as mentioned already in forum post But this is not possible as the additional folders editor of SUMo doesn't allow to specify the usual system folder for these plug-ins which is reported as:
C:\ProgramData\Server Management Experience\Extensions
Steps To ReproduceEnable Microsoft product detection and reporting in SUMo,
open SUMo settings and activate additional folder popup,
activate adding and try finding the plugin folder reported above for adding.
Additional InformationIn default configuration of Windows explorer, system and hidden folders are not shown which can be reconfigured to display also those folders. This root entry for the Windows Admin Center plug-ins is such a folder. It seems that this additional folder editor of SUMo settings has difficulty with this property.


related to 0005491 acknowledgedKyle_Katarn SUMo doesn't find the Windows Admin Center nor its plug-ins 



2019-05-21 21:52

administrator   ~0003360

Not supported because do not hold version info.

OK to close ?


2019-05-22 14:56

reporter   ~0003365

That's not true. They hold version info. In a sample taken now to check your false claim, the same version info is found at several places. It's incorporated into the folder name and in manifest.json. Didn't check other constituent elements.

I made this probe with extension msft.sme.apps-and-features. The corresponding folder name is:

C:\ProgramData\Server Management Experience\Extensions\msft.sme.apps-and-features.1.32.0\

The file manifest.json has these the following strings names and values at its bottom:

    "powerShellModuleName": "Microsoft.SME.AppsAndFeatures",
    "version": "1.32.0"

I didn't check the powershell and javascript files if they carry inherently some version info too.

So I repest myself how may I configure SUMo to detect and report these version infos with their associated component names?
So version info is present. How may I configure


2019-05-22 19:10

administrator   ~0003370

Yes but the ".msc" hold no information is the same format as .exe, .dll... specific version extraction code is required.
Therefore, not possible to configure SUMo to load it in the current implementation.


2019-05-22 23:21

reporter   ~0003379

This issue has nothing to do with .msc.

On a more abstract level there are similarities indeed requiring some code change. And as reported for .msc, also here version info should be determined not yet at file level but at product level as documented by Microsoft.

And that's normal that bug fixes will change implementation. Scheduling to fix these bugs is your choice and task. Which feedback are you still awaiting?

One aspect I like at Intel Driver and Support Assistant is its display of a web link documenting limitations of kind of drivers not addressed by this tool. Neither HP Support Assistant nor SUMo are so kind to document their current limitations.

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