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0005493SUMoBugpublic2019-05-22 19:11
Reporterwolf Assigned ToKyle_Katarn  
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Product Version5.9.1 
Summary0005493: SUMo Server behaviour if component SUMo is also detected by SUMo Pro installation
DescriptionI have SUMo Pro installed as well as with several components including SUMo Portable. I've added the installation location of to the folders for scanning by SUMo Pro and have run it in order to include these findings in the resulting report. I further have configured SUMo Pro not to use the shortcut to direct download of developer resp. publisher web site but continue lookup on SUMo server web site. Unto early afternoon today, all seemed to work as usual. But when I now looked up the detected tool Nitro Reader 64-bit, I found the strange behaviour by SUMo server that it claims that my SUMo Pro version used for looking up would be version which is the latest version of the SUMo component of the SUMo Portable component of the latest version of PortableApps framework, and claiming to require an update, see attached screenshot.

This issue is another opposite behaviour to the related issue, this time with wrong behaviour on SUMo server side. I can't imagine it being a bug purely on SUMo server side although the phenomen only appears there. I'm almost sure that there has to be a corresponding bug in SUMo Pro on client side. How else might SUMo server know that on the same device also SUMo Portable is installed although no action performed on or with SUMo Portable for this behaviour on SUMo server.
Steps To ReproduceHave SUMo (Pro) installed and PortableApps framework with component SUMo Portable installed,
configure the current and installed instance of SUMo (Pro) to include also path to PortableApps framework for scanning and to download updates not of developer web site but via SUMo server site instead,
then lookup a software tool detected by SUMo (Pro) on the SUMo server, in this case Nitro PDF Reader 64-bit.
Additional InformationActually I didn't lookup the detected tool Nitro Reader directly but instead another tool Nitro Pro detected which is not installed. Nitro Pro test version has been installed in the past and then uninstalled much more than a month ago.

The latest version of Nitro Reader 64-bit is which is Freeware and already several years old. This reader comes with a small subset of an older version of Nitro Pro. This subset has a small part of the server component. The real Nitro Pro tool has much more components and is larger. There exists a free trial period starting not with installation nor start but by first document processing. Nitro Pro has further updates. It had been installed by the computer system integrator in an outdated but licensed version.

SUMo reported available updates. So I did update. Updateing is not covered by the integrator license. So the older licensed instance of Nitro Pro turned into a trial version of several months ago. Without a need to pay for those additional features, I deinstalled it much more than a month ago.

SUMo Pro reported me that I would still have Nitro Pro 64-bit, now in version with available update to version So I actually looked up this tool Nitro Pro 64-bit on SUMo server, not Nitro Reader still installed. For Nitro Pro 64-bit, the same orange section was reported by SUMo server as for the Nitro Reader. For getting to the Reader, I clicked on the company on SUMo server and then on the Nitro Reader 64-bit.

Within Nitro Pro there is also a component Nitro Reader with higher version as the freeware version. I never deinstalled Nitro Reader. And Windows program management console still reports this freeware version installed. So I don't know where this further confusion comes from that Nitro Reader 64-bit would be installed locally in version This version is reported by SUMo Pro and SUMo server. I can't start Nitro Reader 64-bit via start menu. When I examine some executables in the installed program folder, I see the main program with its freeware version displayed as do many other executables and DLL. There are a few of these executables and DLL with same date as the freeware version but carrying the commercial version info instead. Other components with the same date report some version So what's the algorithm of SUMo Pro on consolidating these to the wrong version number?
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2019-05-21 18:31

reporter   ~0003356

Concerning the problematic consolidation of SUMo for Nitro Reader 64-bit, I may check on another device which has never installed Nitro Pro if SUMo does report the same false version for Nitro Reader 64-bit. I'm currently busy with other tasks and have to postpone for a few days assuming that consolidation is performed too naive, probably reporting the highest version number of components instead of version number of main program.

There exists the Windows App SUSe Leap not detected by SUMo which requires WSL (Windows Sub-system for Linux) coming with Windows 10 since two and a half years now where version number decreased of 42 to 15. Version 42 is the older one, 15 the more recent one. Software publishers change version numbering schemes of time to time. When they change, the newer version is no longer forced to be of higher order!


2019-05-21 21:54

administrator   ~0003361

Do you confirm that your PortableApps version of SUMo is indeed the outdated 5.8.7 ?


2019-05-22 15:24

reporter   ~0003366


SUMo Portable is up to date as reported by SUMo Pro version KC Softwares has decided to not yet provide an PortableApps edition themselves but rely on PortableApps team to pickup the updates of SUMo and other of its tools. Most software tool publishers have decided so although PortableApps published some guides for developers how to provide such an integration themselves.

SUMo Pro version reported me available updates for HWiNFO and HWiNFO Portable although PortableApps reported being up to date and not knowing about an available update of HWiNFO resp. HWiNFO Portable. This tool publisher is the first one I realized to use this guide of PortableApps and hence providing one classical installer edition, one portable edition and one portable PortableApps edition.

But back to this issue. It's not about SUMo Portable and its component reported in the related issues. I didn't run SUMo Portable for weeks now.

The above behaviour happens with SUMo Pro version as reported. It happens on SUMo server when clicking into a report of SUMo Pro version in this case of Nitro Pro 64-bit resp. Nitro Reader 64-bit!


2019-05-22 19:11

administrator   ~0003371

to, to be further investigated on my side. No additional feedback required for the time being.

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