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0005519SUMoBugpublic2019-05-31 21:50
Reporterwolf Assigned ToKyle_Katarn  
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Product Version5.9.2 
Target VersionShort term 
Summary0005519: inappropriate, unfortunate and misleading word resp. term "available" in SUMo check report
DescriptionSUMo (and DUMo) claims reporting about available updates. But due to its design it cannot know if the more recent versions are really released and publicly available. So the word "available" in term "Update available" is unfortunate, inappropriate and misleading. So SUMo raises expectations it cannot meet. Please replace by the word "existing".

As long as SUMo doesn't scan for the release notes resp. release announcements at the publishers web sites, it cannot know if the more recent version detected is released and public available or happened to occur on a test device of a SUMo user who is member of a corresponding alpha or beta testing ring of the publisher. As already mentioned in other context, there are SUMo users which have a Windows 10 20H1 preview installed about a year before its expected release (see note and SUMo reports such product versions as available update although this preview is only accessible for members of the corresponding inner Microsoft ring for testers and developers. I don't know if such SUMo users have the beta software option of SUMo activated. But I see that while I have this option disabled, I still get such a SUMo (and DUMo) report as available for a few Windows components.

I've put now some programs and Windows components on SUMo ignore list in order to focus on other programs and Windows components as a work-around.
Additional InformationThe term is localized correctly. So this issue is not about localization. Its about semantic and need corresponding updates also in its localization.

The same misleading term is used on SUMo product description on its product web site ( ) in its summary.

I further see the need for creation of an introduction for potential new users not yet having installed SUMo on this product page. This introduction shall present basic working and limitations of SUMo, how it distinguishes resp. complements other tools for software update management in order to prevent unnecessary disappointments due to expections not addressed but unduely raised. This introduction shall include reasoning showing its relevance and usefulness despite its current limitations. Such a section is best placed close to the bottom of the SUMo product page and referenced by an in-page URL link in either feature or summary section on the top of the page. The introduction shall encourage user participation and feedback including a guide of available options and preferences already decided and hidden within existing MantisBT issues and forum posts.

If such an introduction isn't wanted on the product page, it could replace the current presentation threat in SUMo forum. This presentation is too limited, a bit outdated and not linked to the product page.

I further see the need for creation of a FAQ-list. It may be referenced by the tool SUMo itself as well as the SUMo product page. This summary shall address wrong expectations, present use scenarios, summarize participation options and feedback channels including the map of preferences according to kind of feedback. If new SUMo users don't pass by by the corresponding MantisBT issues and forum posts, they cannot know it. This knowledge seems to be a developer and SUMo power user knowledge. But SUMo is addressing administrators and Microsoft has turned at least one user per device as administrator which is another and broader user group than developers and SUMo power users.


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