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0005527SUMoBugpublic2020-06-03 17:59
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Product Version5.9.2 
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Summary0005527: SUMo server looses Strawberry Perl product name and version records within less than 3 hours
DescriptionI've installed the public domain distribution Strawberry Perl and the open source distribution Lyx which includes Strawberry Perl as a component. SUMo detects both. (It doesn't detect Lyx itself as Lyx has its version information not in a standard Windows version info format except for its uninstaller but otherwise in folder name. A bug report has been entered on the LyX project too.) I further updated of Strawberry Perl version to in 64 bit edition. A look at the SUMo report reveals that while I've installed the 64 bit edition on my 64 bit operating system edition, Lyx has installed a 32 bit edition of itself and its component Strawberry Perl. A closer look at this report, version info and SUMo server showed that SUMo check updates SUMo server records accordingly including user flag and as reported in the related issue.

When keeping SUMo client open for hours, and either refreshing SUMo server lookup or repeating SUMo server lookup, it shows that the versions and editions already detected almost 3 hours before are no longer known by SUMo server claiming that NO SUMo user has a 32 bit edition installed, this publisher has only a SUMo user with the 64 bit edition of the product installed and NO SUMo user has the actual version in 64 bit installed that SUMo server had reported just after SUMo client check and still reported in SUMo client! Accordingly, SUMo server doesn't attach the user flag although the query was started off my SUMo Pro installation within this report!

Please fix reporting of the 32 bit edition by turning to the product name instead of file description for SUMo!

When SUMo server looses its product information (probably due to some expiration) a lookup doesn't provide an error message nor does it retain the query as prefilled value for the standard query page. I perfer if this behaviour of SUMo server changes to provide a one line warning which query didn't find any results above or below the form field of SUMo server standard query page and prefill this editable form field with the unsuccessful query. It makes sense to modify the query which is easier when prefilled.
Additional InformationAs opposed to the related issue, the loss of record is not only for the 32 bit edition but also for the 64 bit edition and in even less time as observed in the related issue.
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related to 0005524 resolvedKyle_Katarn Strawberry Perl product name consolidation 
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2020-06-03 17:59

administrator   ~0003955

Is it a purely SUMo server question ?
It the problem is "user" tag disappear after a while without "checking", then it's as per design.

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