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0005559RAMExpertRefactoringpublic2019-06-27 22:18
Reporterwolf Assigned ToKyle_Katarn  
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PlatformNotebookOSWindows 10 64-bitOS Version1809
Product Version1.10.4 
Summary0005559: RAMExpert deceives on memory specification
DescriptionRAMExpert recognizes correctly the memory modul model. It reports 7 resp. 8 features. It then shows a field with a PDF icon and a caption below for getting the specification. This creates the expection that according to RAMExperts finding, the complete specification is generated into a PDF report.

But instead it opens a Google query. And this query is wrong too. That query consists of the manufacturer and the model. Hence the Google answer is to report in that case just 210 matches for that query, expecting any web shop with this modul in sale to show up as well as test reports and price comparisons with that model, only eventually a specification. Luckily, a 23 page specification was among the first 10 matches and it was in PDF format although not having specification in its title, only in some of its chapters like "electrical specification".

My notebook with this only memory model recognized has been integrated by a large OEM computer manufacturer resp. integrator. This OEM strongly recommends for search queries even in his support software tools to name what you're looking for and to include the term "spec" as otherwise you'll get essentially non-technical matches like product lines or software and drivers supported by that hardware or extension options including guarantee extensions. So please add the term spec in your query if you need to lookup in the Internet if you don't generate a report without any Internet access.

My tool HWiNFO64 doesn't propose to generate a specification report. But even without Internet access it may report 48 attributes of its specification which is far or complete.

And why should a tool like RAMExpert need an Internet connection other then to check for its own update?
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2019-06-25 22:48

administrator   ~0003499

Would you have a better proposal than manufacturer + model as a query item to find more technical specification ?


2019-06-27 00:28

reporter   ~0003507

Yes, as I've already written, as long as you don't want to include a guided dialog before sending the query, the query should be extended to: manufacturer + model + "spec"
I don't mean the quotes. I mean to use this term literally.


2019-06-27 22:18

administrator   ~0003514


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