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0005568SUMo OnlineBugpublic2019-07-06 14:54
Reporterwolf Assigned ToKyle_Katarn  
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Product Version5.9.4 
Summary0005568: Dashboard not showing current computer as online
DescriptionWhen registering my four family computer devices at SUMo Online, they appeared as expected. When renaming these computer devices and reconnecting to SUMo Online dashboard, some of the changed device names appeared while others are missing. What triggers such an update in SUMo Online dashboard?
Is it a SUMo check operation or does it require a SUMo scan operation?

I inserted all my four family computer devices onto SUMo Online dashboard. They appeared as expected. including their state as registered pro edition.

After some weeks, I came back to this dashboard, expecting to see my four family computer devices. But the dashboard showed me 6, and all 6 as offline, and only 5 of them as registered pro edition! And the one used for connecting to the dashboard wasn't shown at all and not as online neither, resp. its former computer name was displayed.
Additional InformationBetween first experimentation a few weeks ago and my return now, I renamed all my computer devices on those devices, without any contact to SUMo Online dashboard. This has nothing to do with the SUMo Online configuration feature of renaming the displayed computer device name just in SUMo Online dashboard.

Without ever reconfiguring SUMo Online in the mean time, it showed some of the new names. If all devices would figure up with old and new name, SUMo Online dashboard would need to display eight computer devices with pairwise identical user ID.

What happened here with SUMo Online dashboard?

Expected behaviour would be that SUMo Online dashboard replaces original computer device name by current computer device name as observable by SUMo (client). Hence, I expect still four computer device names (either with original name at the time of registration or better with current name). I further expect that still all computer devices reported should be reported as registered pro edition. I further expect that the one used for connecting to the dashboard would display as online.

What is developers expected behaviour for handling such a situation?
And why doesn't it show then all eight computer device names (four old and four new ones)?
What should I do to fix it?
And what does developer want to know, to query or to try before using user side fixing?

I guess that a fix will be to manually remove outdated entries off the dashboard within the dashboard. A closer look shows that even for same user ID, the last online time differs.
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related to 0005574 acknowledgedKyle_Katarn Dashboard manual deleting outdated entry while UID used twice has side effects 



2019-06-29 16:20

reporter   ~0003521

When cloning the original issue and configuring the new one to copy attachements while not copying notes, it doesn't take care of the attachement. So I've to reinsert it here, seemingly a bug in Mantis, not in SUMo itself.


2019-06-29 22:24

administrator   ~0003523

Are these 6 PC yours ?
Are the 4 correct ones among these 6 ?
Is everything fine if you manually delete the redundant items from the dashboard ?


2019-06-29 22:42

reporter   ~0003525

No, not all computer devices are mine. We're more people in the family with computer devices.

What do you mean by 4 correct ones?
Yes, all 4 computer devices are listed, some with their old and new device name, some with their old name. So there are two new names missing. That raised the question in the related issue about limitations on number of devices.

I think I've executed SUMo check operations on all devices with their old and new names. I'm not sure if I didn't execute a SUMo scan operation on one of the devices not yet listed with the new name. But I'm sure I did execute SUMo check and scan operations on the device I used for connecting to the SUMo Online dashboard which is displayed only with the old device name and in state offline while its new device name is still missing and not displayed as online.

So you don't need any further analysis before proceeding to manually delete old device names?
I didn't try yet manually deleting, awaiting your feed back if you need some additional information about the current state.


2019-06-30 21:19

administrator   ~0003526

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do you mean by 4 correct ones? Yes, all 4 computer devices are listed, some with their old and new device name, some with their old name => This was the question. Thn it's good, I have all I need to look deeper into the intended design in this case.

But no idea why the 2 missing ones are not listed. Please send me a (private) message with their UID and i'll investigate on server side.


2019-07-03 21:30

reporter   ~0003538

You asked if all returns to normal when manually deleting the outdated entries. The answer is NO.

Manually deleting is BUGGY TOO. Do you need another issue or do you want to handle it with this one?

I manually deleted the first outdated entry with the action button for delete in the dashboard. As a result, it did not only delete the outdated entry but also the current entry with same UID ! See attached screenshots.

Do I assume correctly that I've not only to delete ALL entries and REREGISTER ALL entries for fixing as work around?

It's not urgent for me as I use the dashboard seldom. So I may wait for a fix by you if you prefer.


2019-07-04 21:20

administrator   ~0003539

Nice catch. Please open a dedicated issue (with a short description, no need for more details, if you link to this one)

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