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0005579SUMoBugpublic2020-02-24 21:23
Reporterbhenshaw Assigned ToKyle_Katarn  
Status feedbackResolutionopen 
Product Version5.9.4 
Summary0005579: tray icon disappears periodically
DescriptionEvery once in awhile the tray icon disappears even though the program is running. The only way to get the tray icon back is to reboot. I have not been able to reproduce it at will. It may be related to closing the program and then restarting it, but I"m not sure.
Additional InformationWindows 10 1903
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related to 0005605 feedbackKyle_Katarn Sporadic loss of SUMo main window 



2019-07-19 22:56

administrator   ~0003578

More details on when it appear ? When you're doing any specific action ?


2019-07-19 23:19

reporter   ~0003580

I really don't know for sure. It appears to be random, or at least I can't figure out when it happens. I thought maybe it was when I closed SUMo and reopened it. I have tested that theory and it doesn't seem to be the problem.

The only other thing I can think of is that I occasionally install a software update to some program which must close other programs in order to install. After the installation has completed maybe the SUMo icon is no longer showing in the tray. Even after trying to restart SUMo the icon doesn't appear in the tray even though SUMo is running. This is a wild guess in that I don't know if that is what happened but I sort of remember doing such an update prior to the last time the icon disappeared. It has happened to me 4 or 5 times now.


2019-07-20 11:00

administrator   ~0003582

OK. I'll try to had some instrumentation for this.

Should it happen again, please go to setting, uncheck "show in tray". Close settings. Reopen settings and re-enable tray icon. Tell me if this makes the icon to show again.


2019-07-29 22:14

reporter   ~0003645

It happened again. The only thing that updated was a Live Update by Norton Security. After the update the icon for SUMo was gone from the tray. Nothing I did would bring it back short of re-booting the PC. I tried unchecking the SUMo setting "minimize to system tray", exiting settings, and rechecking it, but that didn't help.


2019-07-30 19:26

administrator   ~0003647

If this happen again, just restart SUMo without restarting the PC and tell me if this fixes the issue.


2019-07-30 19:48

reporter   ~0003649

I think in the past I have tried that, but I can't remember if I tried that this time. I will wait till next time it happens and restart SUMo to see if it works.


2019-07-30 19:50

administrator   ~0003650

ok, thanks !


2019-09-13 18:42

reporter   ~0003721

This time I installed the program Bulk Rename Utility. After the install the icon for SUMo was gone from the tray. I quit SUMo and restarted it and the icon returned to the tray. Why does only the icon for SUMo disappear? All my other icons were still in the tray.


2019-09-13 21:48

administrator   ~0003722

ok, i'll try to reproduce


2019-10-25 00:58

reporter   ~0003738

I just installed a new update for Bulk Rename Utility and the same thing happened.


2019-10-26 08:33

administrator   ~0003739



2020-02-20 22:48

reporter   ~0003855

Having the same problem. See attached pix;
Taskbar Notification Area.png (45,852 bytes)   
Taskbar Notification Area.png (45,852 bytes)   


2020-02-22 19:27

administrator   ~0003857

@johnldove : is it systematic ?


2020-02-22 22:06

reporter   ~0003859

Not sure if it's systematic. Is there a report or debug I can send you?
I've attached the Notification Area Settings (SUMo is not showing) and the SUMo settings page on the affected PC


2020-02-24 17:21

reporter   ~0003861

Maybe it's 445 version?
I'd consider this fixed until future reports.
Thanks, Kyle!


2020-02-24 17:48

reporter   ~0003862

Just a note...

Although the problem johnldove was having is fixed, the original problem as reported by me is not fixed. The icon still disappears after some program installs. The only way to get it back is to stop and restart SUMo.



2020-02-24 18:09

reporter   ~0003863

Fair point. It's fixed for me but not for everyone.
In an attempt to reproduce the problem, I installed Bulk Rename Utility (ver
The SUMo icon did not disappear.
I had already installed and I installed it anyway. Would that make a difference?
Is there a SUMo debug log that might help you compare my install with the others still having the icon disappear?


2020-02-24 19:11

reporter   ~0003864

I just now installed Bulk Rename Uitility ver over ver and did not experience the problem. I have also had the problem occur with other programs as well. It has not happened for a few months, but I may not have installed any updates to programs which cause the problem to occur. I would leave the issue open for now and see if it happens to me again. If at that time there is any additional information I can supply I will be happy to do so.



2020-02-24 21:13

administrator   ~0003865

I honestly have no clue how to troubleshoot this issue :-(


2020-02-24 21:21

reporter   ~0003866

Not a problem. It isn't a big deal for me which is why I set the severity as "minor". It is easy enough to close and reopen the program to get the icon back. I only reported it so that you could determine if there was something wrong that could be fixed. If it is a hard one to troubleshoot, don't spend a lot of time on it. I can't even reproduce the problem on demand. If it makes sense to do so, go ahead and close the issue and I'll just live with it. :-)


2020-02-24 21:23

administrator   ~0003867

I'll report the issue to the component developper... maybe a known issue on their side ?

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