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0005586SUMoNew Featurepublic2019-07-20 19:27
Reporterwolf Assigned ToKyle_Katarn  
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Product Version5.9.4 
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Summary0005586: Suggestion: Add check action to ignore list
DescriptionAs there might be various reasons why to add an entry to SUMo ignore list, this does not imply that I want always ignore which more recent versions exist for members of the ignore list. So as long as members of the ignore list are not included in the report list with a different marking / flagging, I want to have a check action available just for the ignore list.

And even after this other related feature request for adding reporting and marking of members of the ignore list on the main report list, I prefer to have a configurable option to have them incorporated and marked in SUMo main report list or to have separate SUMo main report list and SUMo ignore report list. Most of the times, I prefer such separated report lists.
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Additional InformationDepending on reason for adding entries to the ignore list doesn't imply that I always don't want to know which updates exist for that entry. The system administration options may be different for the entries of SUMo ignore list report and the SUMo main list report. That's not in the scope nor responsibility of SUMo. But SUMo may become able to provide enough information as entry point for such system administrator tasks.

And yes, I want to have such a report list created on SUMo ignore list also exportable, not just the SUMo ignore list itself.
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related to 0003638 acknowledgedKyle_Katarn Suggestion: Add note to ignore entries 


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