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0005589SUMoRefactoringpublic2019-07-24 21:54
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Summary0005589: Multi Commander version and component reporting
DescriptionOn my computer, I've installed the SyMenu launcher and portable framework in its current version 8.3 (build 2469). One of its components is the product Multi Commander with one 32-bit edition package and one 64-bit edition package both at same version. So I expect TWO entries at SUMo product level reported (one per edition) and more than 40 entries at SUMo file or component level, all with the same publisher. (Its SDK is not yet released which might enable third party developers for extensions and plug-ins, still being in beta phase.)

SUMo reports TWO product names as expected for the TWO editions resp. packages. But it doesn't list them 20 times each but instead 2 times each, once as current in version once as current in version for every edition. That's CONFUSING although probably no bug. (According to SUMo reported path, it's the file version of the main executable and of another component executable.) SUMo ignores the products interface version which is That's fine too as (yet) outside of the scope of SUMo. But SUMo ignores all file versions of this products extensions and plug-ins. These file versions vary between and This extensions and plug-ins are implemented in shared libraries. So why are these ignored although not put on SUMo ignore list?

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related to 0005588 resolvedKyle_Katarn Consolidate / Rationalize Multi Commander reporting 



2019-07-20 17:07

reporter   ~0003585

I forgot to change the summary. It should be:
Multi Commander version and component reporting

It is not on consolidation. Version reporting cannot be consolidated until hierarchical reporting is implemented! So this unconsolidated version reporting I consider a KNOWN limitation.


2019-07-20 19:30

administrator   ~0003587

Duplicate of 0005588 ?


2019-07-20 19:49

reporter   ~0003589

No, it's no duplicate. The related issue is on publishers name consolidation, not on version reporting.

This issue is on missing component (version) reporting and on version reporting of main component versus already detected and reported version. The latter I consider a known limitation unless other reported feature requests get implemented. But how about the not reported component versions, see screenshots?

One of the screenshots shows some extensions (components) with their versions reported by the application Multi Commander which are not reported by SUMo. This report within Multi Commander has different groups according to type of extension resp. plug-in, coming to about 20. (240,158 bytes) (240,158 bytes)   
mc.prop.20190720.png (182,986 bytes)   
mc.prop.20190720.png (182,986 bytes)   
mc.prop.ext.20190720.png (37,150 bytes)   
mc.prop.ext.20190720.png (37,150 bytes)   

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