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0005600SUMoNew Featurepublic2019-07-27 18:34
Reporterwolf Assigned ToKyle_Katarn  
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Product Version5.9.4 
Target VersionShort term 
Summary0005600: Add record number and count for display of internal lists
DescriptionSUMo uses quite some internal lists. These lists may grow large. SUMo doesn't display a continuous record number for none of them. And it does display some counts only for the SUMo report list, none for the other lists.

Beside the report list (in SUMo main window),
I remember the addional folder list (in SUMo additional folder editor),
the excluded folder list (in SUMo excluded folder editor),
the ignore list (in SUMo ignore list editor),
the skipped update list (in SUMo skip update list editor).
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related to 0005599 closedKyle_Katarn Add path field to ignore list 
related to 0005601 resolvedKyle_Katarn Apply light / dark setting to all internal lists 



2019-07-27 15:47

administrator   ~0003622

Have you seen that these figures are already in logs ? Do you need "live" info in the dialog boxes ? Why ?


2019-07-27 17:48

reporter   ~0003630

Yes, I've seen some of these counts in logs. And they're changing during startup phase. And I'm not sure if these counts in logs are correct. The final report count seems to be correct. When those other lists were small, I had sometimes the impression, they're right, sometimes off by 1.

And I'm not referring to classical dialog boxes unless you refer to the content area of these lists in the SUMo main windows and the corresponding list editors as dialog boxes. (I use such a term for a window before getting the editors displayed.)

I don't know what you mean by live info. According to my understanding, I don't need live info. For me, it's sufficient to get this data displayed after the corresponding list has been loaded in the result display right before the action buttons get enabled (in list editor windows or SUMo main window).

With large lists, I want to know the order of entries, eventually grouped to path, reason, publisher. (Grouping is already subject to another feature request.)

Seeing the record number of a list eases to detect the problem much sooner and easier with large shifts of tools of the report list to the ignore list or some kind of nirwana in the other issue reported. And it may help to see some impacts of different work arounds and optimisations available at SUMo user configuration level.

It would be sufficient to me if display of record number of a list is configurable in order to allow different users GUI preferences.


2019-07-27 18:34

administrator   ~0003631


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