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0005606SUMoBugpublic2020-01-04 15:22
Reporterwolf Assigned ToKyle_Katarn  
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
PlatformnotebookOSWindows 10 64-bitOS Version1809
Product Version5.9.4 
Target Version5.12.x 
Summary0005606: skip update context menu sometimes disabled !?
DescriptionI've added several entries of the SUMo report list to the SUMo skip list with now 16 entries on the skip list. As a work around to undue update reporting in SUMo report list, I want to add many more. And as Microsoft told me, that my notebook is not yet fit to update of Windows 10 1809 to 1903, I want to add further entries onto the skip list. While this was successful for some first rounds of adding, I experience several times problems now for adding to the skip list. The corresponding context menu entry remains grayed out and disabled although no such entry is already on the skip list nor on the empty ignore list. Why?
Additional InformationOnce, I had this problem before and it was due that unintentionally that entry was already on the ignore list. So I removed this entry of the ignore list and repeated a SUMo scan to get an expected workable situation back.

The above symptom appears, regardless if I selected one entry or a handful of entries of the SUMo report list.

What I didn't check and should not be related nor dependant is a SUMo server lookup, to see if SUMo server has expired its knowledge about the selected entry. I don't see any reason why the context menu action for adding a selected SUMo report entry to the SUMo skip list requires a SUMo server query.


related to 0004895 assignedKyle_Katarn Incorrect greyed "skip this update" 
related to 0005725 assignedKyle_Katarn SUMo should not allow to "skip" a version number lower or equal to the lowest one already installed 
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2019-08-01 23:19

administrator   ~0003656

Known problem. Currently as per design but not satisfactory. See 0004895

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