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0000565SUMoNew Featurepublic2019-05-16 19:10
ReporterKyle_Katarn Assigned ToKyle_Katarn  
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Product Version1.9 
Summary0000565: Command line support
DescriptionCommand line support silently creates a report (see Add Info in French)
Additional Information

* Sumo /?
* sumo [/s] [/file=[nomdufichier]] [/list=[nomdelaliste]] [/freq=[d/w/m]]
* /s lance Sumo en mode silencieux (sans intervention de l'utilisateur)
* /file=[nomdufichier] spécifie un fichier d'export (s'il n'existe pas, il est créé, s'il existe, ajoute les données avec en champ supplémentaire la date et le nom de la machine)
* /list=[nomdelaliste] spécifie l'adresse d'une liste des logiciels à checker à la place de celle que Sumo traite habituellement.
* /freq=[d/w/m] créer un fichier log contenant la date du dernier check. Sumo ne lance de verrification que si la date est >1 jour [d] >7 jours [w] >30 jours [m]
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related to 0002065 acknowledgedKyle_Katarn Context menu item for SUMo 
related to 0005479 acknowledged command line mode with standard help switch doesn't work as expected 
related to 0005480 acknowledgedKyle_Katarn Please extent the command line mode with the reporting and the scanning feature distinguished by different switches 



2009-10-26 22:34

administrator   ~0000552

It would be really cool if we could use SUMo to scan from the command-line and save the output to a CSV file.

Requested command-line options:

-s [folders to scan] | [path to text-file listing folders to scan]
-x [folders to exclude] | [path to text-file listing folders to exclude]
-o [path to saved-output file]
-n [path to list of files for which version info was not readable]
-t [txt|csv] (type of output)

The command-line scan would always check the folders for programs first.

This would turn SUMo into a really useful network-management tool, as we could schedule scans of all networked computers on a regular basis and use the CSV files (which are actually semi-Colon-Separated-Value files for valid reasons explained elsewhere here) to import into a database.


2011-01-18 20:48

administrator   ~0000635
I would like a command-line version that would write a file detailing what's needed. It could run at startup, and then I could compare today's file to yesterday's file for all the computers on my network. No need to burden the users with this ;-).

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