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0005674SUMoBugpublic2021-02-06 22:44
Reporterwolf Assigned ToKyle_Katarn  
Status feedbackResolutionopen 
OSWindows 10 (64-bit)OS Version1903 
Product Version5.9.7 
Summary0005674: SUMo disables update in debug mode
DescriptionIn the related issue 5654, the symptoms are reported how the new debug mode of SUMo renders SUMo scan function dysfunctional.

Now I observe, that the new debug mode of SUMo renders also SUMo update function dysfunctional, at least in my configuration of SUMo. I've the registered Pro edition of SUMo. I've configured that registered Pro edition not to update automatically of the developers URL but instead continue to lookup on SUMo server. I've further configured to ignore beta versions.

When SUMo check action finished in debug mode, I selected an entry for Microsoft Edge (64 bits) being reported in version 11.0.18362.267 as being outdated with claimed major update available to version I expect such a major version still being a beta version not a released version so far and still for 1-2 months remaining.

For that situation, when I click on that entry for Microsoft Edge, I don't get any visible reaction at all. The already open standard web browser should open a new tab with content of SUMo server for the selected tool Microsoft Edge. SUMo didn't abort. It is still possible to open (and close) its log file. It concerns only the expected SUMo server lookup.

Literally, I get a short visible reaction of less then half a second of being busy to process my mouse click operation on Microsoft Edge in the SUMo report.
Steps To ReproduceStart SUMo with setting configured to debug mode,
then initiate SUMo check action,
then select Microsoft Edge for SUMo server lookup (Update).
Additional InformationWhen looking up the log file half an hour later, I can confirm that logging still works. And that this trial to lookup resp. update the reported outdated version of Microsoft Edge didn't leave any entry in the log file.

As issue 5594 is declared as solved, please tell me how to configure SUMo to enable logging for the SUMo server lookup resp. update click / operation. I couldn't find a corresponding entry in its verbose/debug mode configuration option section.


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2019-09-01 19:09

administrator   ~0003713

Is it systematic, even with limited number of items in list ?


2019-09-01 19:31

reporter   ~0003715

What do you mean by limited number of items in list?
To which list do you refer?
All lists I see in SUMo are limited: version report list, additional folder list, ignore list, skip list, exlude folder list, ...

I can confirm that this observation of dysfunctional update resp. SUMo server lookup in debug mode isn't limited to that particular entry. I can confirm the same symptom also for other (real) major updates like Opera crash reporter, Node.js (64 bit), OpenJDK Platform binary (64 bit).


2019-09-01 20:30

administrator   ~0003716

Please provide screenshot and log file (debug mode)


2021-02-06 22:44

administrator   ~0004159

Any update ? (if not, i'll close)

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