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0005710SUMoBugpublic2019-10-24 20:48
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Summary0005710: Python Version
DescriptionDiffent Environments
--->e.g.: Update from 3.7.4 to 3.7.5 (correct) but from 3.7.4 to 3.8.0 (not correct)
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2019-10-20 18:50


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2019-10-21 14:44

reporter   ~0003737

Why should an update of version 3.7.4 to 3.8 not be correct?

And how does SUMo handle your 2.7 Python environment?

I'm aware that these different product lines (Python 2 and Python 3) shouldn't be mixed. A change is a migration not an update. But I'm not aware of such issues within the Python 3 product line.

It is already known that current SUMo implementation is limited in handling publishers update policies with concurrant product lines with some idead pronounced to address some (more) policies in the future. Such changes will require fundamental redesign and major version change of SUMo. And isn't end of development resp. support of Python 2 already announced for 1st January 2020, declaring version 2.7.17 as penultimate version?

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