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0005714SUMoNew Featurepublic2019-11-07 22:06
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Summary0005714: Specific list of End of Life products
DescriptionSpecific list of End of Life products (with content shown to PRO users only)
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2019-11-04 00:18

reporter   ~0003748

Good idea. But what do you mean by that? Will it be a sub-list of the standard report list?
If yes, then it would be fine if PRO users will get another option to exclude those of that standard report list.

And how will entries get identified for that list? Will that be similar to the beta identification and false beta reporting?


2019-11-04 19:50

administrator   ~0003751

Solution still to be defined but the list of EOL product likely to be shared with the community


2019-11-05 12:50

reporter   ~0003754

I forgot the limitations of this platform and so I lost my last note and have to repeat it, now in a shortened variant as I don't have the time to repeat it completely.

Do I fear right that SUMo doesn't have a definition of EOL neither (as also the case for product version and related inconsisties by software publishers)?

May you consider to start with an end of support list before starting with an EOL list?
And do you want to consider (possibly temporarily) abandoned products as a special case of end of support or a separate category and list candidate?

I see EOL announcements more often for hardware than for software. A well known exception to some SUMo users is PSI.

And when I take HP as an example, I received an announcement of EOL a few days before that time announced for the tool HP Softpaq Download Manager which I use. According to that announcement, this product reached EOL by end of July 2019. But it seems to me that HP didn't mean EOL but instead end of support. This tool gets still distributed so end of sale resp. distribution cannot be meant. And while I've not seen any updates for the tool itself for many months already although SUMo reveals that updates of components exist, this tool still devivers news about new patches being published after the claimed EOL!

For initializing an end of support list algorythmically, you might consider an interval of 18 months without any updates as a candidate and 26 months without any updates as assumed abandonned.

If you take a look at the support section of the web site of, you'll see there a list of tools of that category. Some tools are no longer associated with any maintainter resp. developer although still available for download and distribution. Some tools continue development although the Windows variant didn't get any updates and is no longer compilable.

And looking at Microsoft Windows, what does end of support mean? Windows 7 reaches enf of general support by mid January 2020. Extended support will continue some time. Windows XP reached end of support a few years ago for most variants while a few variants reach end of support this year or next year (embedded, kiosk) and still received a few critical updates within the last two years after end of support. So while software publishers support variant management, SUMo has only very limited support for variants so far.


2019-11-07 22:06

administrator   ~0003757

Could be treated as a case by case basis, with a dedicated discussion thread on the forum for each EoL allowing discussion on the reason / evidence for EoL classification.

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