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0005754DUMoBugpublic2019-11-12 22:00
Reporterwolf Assigned ToKyle_Katarn  
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PlatformNotebookOSWindows 10 64-bitOS Version1903
Product Version2.19 
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Summary0005754: Update of DUMo Pro 2.18.2 to 2.19.0 leads to loss of Pro registration
DescriptionDUMo Pro told me of available update of version 2.18.2 and proposed its three options.
I answered with automatic update and got it.
After the updated version started automatically, it did a new scan and check automatically too.
Only later, I realized that this update added the button to buy a license although I still can read in the log file that my original version has been registered.
I don't know if such behaviour is limited for DUMo Pro users having debug mode enabled. I've debug mode enabled. Hence my log file doesn't include the data only of the current session after update but also a few lines of the time before. The start of the log file is attached, reporting the situation before and after automatic update. Shall I search my license again and re-enter it or do you need the current situation for further analysis?

I consider such a loss of registration as a bug and the reapperance of the buy button too (although just an implication).

BTW, is it normal and expected that there is no heart beat in DUMo as opposed to SUMo?
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2019-11-12 16:39


DUMo.20191112.log (1,075 bytes)


2019-11-12 22:00

administrator   ~0003764

Licence from GiveAwayOfTheDay was for 2.18.x only and you've updated to 2.19. This raises 2 comments :
- Log (permanent part of the bottom) shall include automatic licence revocation for troubleshooting & user awareness ==> purpose of this issue
- DBcheck heartbeat : not in DUMo as currently does not have 2 servers but Main server only. See 0002908

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