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0005786SUMoBugpublic2019-12-20 12:34
Reporter100PIER Assigned ToKyle_Katarn  
Status feedbackResolutionopen 
PlatformPCOSW10 64bitsOS Version1909
Summary0005786: SUMO does not detect properly ICECREAM applications
DescriptionSUMO v5.10.4.439 does not detect ICECREAM software applications such as PDF Editor and <image Resizer.
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2019-12-17 18:17


Icecream_Softwares_17dec19.PNG (55,525 bytes)   
Icecream_Softwares_17dec19.PNG (55,525 bytes)   


2019-12-18 20:53

administrator   ~0003799

What if you drag'n'drop their exe file onto SUMo ?


2019-12-19 09:00

reporter   ~0003800

Hello Kyle,
I don't understand what is the "drag'n'drop" operation onto SUMO.
However, for example I have tested the + (add) operation with the "icepdfeditor.exe" application file and nothing happen.
SUMO does continue to ignore it.
The best thing is you do tests by yourself with these free applications and do investigate the problems.
The problems are not specific to my PC, it can be reproduce on any PC W10 v1909 build 18363.535.


2019-12-19 20:48

administrator   ~0003801

Would you please do the same method then post SUMo log here ?


2019-12-20 10:02

reporter   ~0003802

Please, explain what "SUMo log" does mean for you ?


2019-12-20 12:34

reporter   ~0003803

Moreover, I do observe also SUMo does not display the correct version values for ICECREAM applications detected such as PDF converter, PDF Split&Merge, and Screen Recorder.
W10 Programs panel does display ALL ICECREAM version values properly.
Why SUMo does not ? and omit to detect some of ICECREAM applications ?

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