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0005823SUMoBugpublic2020-01-08 21:03
ReporterBlack3ird Assigned ToKyle_Katarn  
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
Product Version5.10.7 
Target VersionLong term 
Summary0005823: SUMO doesn't respond to Multi Monitor Setup and Stuck on Default Display
DescriptionIt appears that SUMO isn't using "Native" Windows UI Controls so that whatever Framework it uses, it fails to mimic Default Framework which is handled by Windows 10. Windows 10 came a long way to manipulate Dual or more Displays as their framework also evolved during that time while the framework you're using wasn't anticipated such change so that it can only replicate "Move Windows" part but it can't replicate "Move to Taskbar" part which is done automatically between Displays.

So like a "Magic Trick" you can make SUMO to appear on both Displays "separated" from one another breaking the Windows feeling and introducing a visual glitch. Assuming you're using the same framework on all of your other applications (DUMO and others), same result can be obtained from all of them as this isn't about the internal functions of SUMO at all.

Examine below screenshots taken one after another to see how SUMO got affected and how other programs aren't affected at all. Pay attention to both Taskbar and Window switching to see what's been reported.
Steps To Reproduce1. Have Dual or more Display
2. Make non-Primary Display as Default from Windows settings
3. Open SUMO
4. It always opens on Default (non-Primary) Display even if normal Windows applications remember which Display they were on
5. Moving SUMO to Other Display (Primary in this example) makes SUMO Stuck on Default Display Taskbar even if SUMO Window is placed on non-Default Display
6. Unlike All other Windows programs, SUMO is shown in two different Displays in two parts; one shows it at Taskbar, other shows it as Window.
7. Normal Windows behavior is "both" Taskbar and Window follow each other.
Tagsglitch, visual



2020-01-08 18:37


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