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0006013SUMo OnlineNew Featurepublic2020-06-02 00:54
ReporterK0media Assigned ToKyle_Katarn  
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Summary0006013: Publish full list of updated software in a proper web page (maybe here?)
DescriptionI've sent an email earlier to talk about this. I couldn't register or find that info in the forums, so I'm asking away here.

Did you publish the full list of the maintained software somewhere I can see clearly?

I'd like something like or
Those are perfect pages for these guidelines, for example.

The software icons (when applicable), versioning, publisher and product names listed like a full table like SUMo program does, would be fine. But it would also be nice to have filters to sort and find what specific software you're looking for. Downloads count would also be nice.

That way I can make sure I'm sticking together to the right product.

Believe me, I tried all these package managers and SUMo looks great and simple for its functionalities. The only con I have about other package managers, for example, is outdated software/packages and small amount of items to be kept on a full list. The more you support with well-known software, the more trust and reliability you'll earn.

I know that SUMo code is closed, but either way I'd like to see at least the list of the supported software that you tend to keep to be pushed to SUMo itself and to the web servers, if it's in this case.

That could also apply to DUMo with certain alterations and adaptations, but it would require a new issue ticket to be opened.

Thanks a lot.
Steps To Reproduce1. Access proper webpage (e.g.;
2. See the full list with details on latest version available for each supported software by SUMo;
3. A searchbox and filters by download count, A-Z, ascending descending would also be nice.
Additional InformationI'm sorry if this is a duplicate issue, but I really miss some transparency here. Looking each software one by one is a bit hard and not very intuitive to be done.
Tagsenhancement, feature, full, list, programs, request, software, Sumo, update



2020-05-10 09:58

administrator   ~0003919

Have you already looked at ?

On top, using SUMo Online, allow you to browse the list of installed apps on all your PC using SUMo and see their status (updated / up to date)


2020-05-11 23:38

reporter   ~0003925

There is some misunderstanding on both sides, from original reporter as well as on the side of Kyle.

The main part of the issue as far as I understand wants a report on all software packages detected on all users with a counter of installations found. But that's not possible by design. What do you mean by maintained software? Would you consider the software package TrueCrypt as maintained or as abandoned as its publisher had announced several years ago to stop and abandon it. And if you lookup under the URL provided by Kyle, this abandoned product is found in the database of SUMo. So this match doesn't mean that the product is maintained nor that SUMo maintains that database entry and version. It means instead that a sufficient number of SUMo users still have this abandoned product installed so that it still gets reported. It may drop out of the database after every SUMo user has uninstalled that product long enough ago. If you interpret entry in database as being maintained then the maintainer isn't KC Softwares but the set of SUMo users. And reality tells me that TrueCrypt is an exception. Most abandoned software packages are not declared abandoned by their authors nor their publishers.

And I don't know what you mean with your title resp. summary. That summary isn't about maintained software but about updated software. What do you mean by that?

SUMo isn't a one-click installer nor updater. Such a software would violate public law requirements in some jurisdictions of our planet, including major jurisdictions. Several software publishers want the users to make a binding declaration or binding consent during an update process and implicit consents and declarations aren't accepted for those in every such jurisdiction. So one-click-installers or updaters are required to fail!

As you find in the docu of SUMo, neither KC Softwares nor SUMo monitor the software publishers for updates. Every SUMo user usually reports its detected and installed software packages. It even doesn't include a history. So it is not possible to report which software packages have been updated over any period of time if this would be another subject of this issue. So is your intent to get such a history report, which installed software packages have been updated over a configurable period of time? If you want this, please confirm so. It isn't a serious error but a feature request instead. And I assume it may not come quickly.

And Kyle, the URL you mentioned is fine. I only don't know what to enter in order to get a full list of all software packages currently being known on the SUMo server side. Without an entry, it will report empty list. With a * as wildcard, it wouldn't be interpreted as wildcard but taken as literal and report all entries containing this literal. So what needs to be entered to get such a (temporary) list?


2020-06-02 00:54

reporter   ~0003946

You're both right.

@Kyle_Katarn, told about the packages page. That's a piece of news that I wasn't aware of. That's more or less what I'm talking about.

And @wolf answer is also clarifying. Some direct linking software would break copyrights and laws, but it depends on the publisher's/developer's terms. I'd suggest something like Ketarin or Chocolatey use. Hence, why I placed the link in OP.

A visual page would certainly fit there. Right now there aren't software icons or anything like that, just newer version reports.

And I'm sorry if I got you wrong. I tested SUMo for a few hours and **really** thought it was an auto-updating software. But I guess I got its concept wrong.

Thanks for the tip, @wolf. If it does not work like that, it's not a big deal for me. I mean, of course it's useful, indeed. So I wouldn't need to scavenge the web in order to download latest versions of each software manually.

But as you mentioned, this is more to a feature request rather than a bug, indeed. I'd like a software report page with nice visuals like Chocolatey has. And not to have to enter the search criteria. Otherwise just a full-list page with the proper software icons would be fine for a small report. And the software's page itself has further info, basically how I need. What I'm missing here are just better visuals. I didn't even know that packages page existed before, to be honest.

But it needs reworking. I know the main role is about SUMo software itself, but having a proper page with packages listing would be just fine.

Please let me know if you want more details on this.

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