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0006091SUMoNew Featurepublic2020-06-19 20:09
Reporternelsoncarvalho Assigned ToKyle_Katarn  
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Product Version5.11 
Summary0006091: Filters

I would like to suggest:
1. that the icons at the top: "OK", "Minor", "Major" become filter buttons;
2. The "Check" and "Scan" buttons allow two words for better translation to other languages.

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2020-06-07 22:38

administrator   ~0003971

1 - OK / Min / Maj already work as "sort" commands. What would you expect more ? Downselection (filter) ?
2 - Would you mean "wider" buttons ?


2020-06-07 23:15

reporter   ~0003972

(Sorry my English)

1 - When I click on the buttons, the program performs an ordering. My suggestion is that it be a filter, where only the records of the chosen filter are shown. It doesn't have to be on these buttons, but they can be new buttons or menu items. The idea is to facilitate visualization.

2. With regard to buttons, I will exemplify in the case of the Portuguese-Brazil language. Currently, the translation of "Check and Scan" are, respectively, "Verificar e Examinar".
"Verificar e Examinar" pretty much have the same meaning.
I searched for a word that could replace one of them, especially "Verificar" which is to check for updates.
One word just cannot express the most accurate meaning of the button.
Ideally, "Verificar Atualizações", or in the worst case "Atualizações".



2020-06-08 20:44

administrator   ~0003973


#1 is a duplicate of an existing feature requests : 0004113 and 0004671
#2 : looks like current wording is more accurate as "check" just "check" (not scan+check)

May I close ?

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