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0006220SUMoBugpublic2020-11-27 18:48
Reporterlowrider2025 Assigned ToKyle_Katarn  
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Product Version5.11.8 
Summary0006220: Latest program version is not the same for 32 or 64-bit
DescriptionLatest pdfsam only supports 64-bit. Latest 32-bit version is
Don't know if keeping track of both architectures is doable ?
Same for bandizip. It has new branch: version 7: it has more ads so I am sticking with 6-branch: 6.29 : latest version there. But easiest solution is just to ignore. Thanks for all your work.
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2020-11-18 21:18

administrator   ~0004102

SUMo is supposed to detec PE architecture and add "64 bits" to the same for 64b editions.
May I have a screenshot of SUMo on these products, where it shows wrong detection ?


2020-11-27 11:28

reporter   ~0004107

Same problem for both softwares: Bandizip has a less free-oriented version which is the 7 version. But I noticed bandizip 6 is/was still being updated. Latest is 6.29. First it was 6.26 then 6.27, now 6.29. This is however not question of 32-bit or 64-bit supported or not just bandizip creators making new version which is more ad-filled version. It is up for discussion whether or not 6 version was being discontinued. As it received newer versions after 6.26 I would assume this is not the case so version 7 does not need to be the newest version in this case.

Latest PDFsam no longer supports 32-bit that's why it's stuck on for 32-bit. Latest 64-bit is indeed
2020-11-27 11_03_55-Window.png (25,841 bytes)   
2020-11-27 11_03_55-Window.png (25,841 bytes)   
win32.png (3,125 bytes)   
win32.png (3,125 bytes)   
2020-11-27 11_28_18-Window.png (11,053 bytes)   
2020-11-27 11_28_18-Window.png (11,053 bytes)   


2020-11-27 18:48

administrator   ~0004108

OK. In this case, right click > Skip > Forever is the right option.

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