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0006310SUMo ServerNew Featurepublic2021-02-28 21:03
ReporterSteffenDE Assigned ToKyle_Katarn  
Status feedbackResolutionopen 
Product Version5.12.2 
Summary0006310: SUMo shows update but 'get update' link do not show the update
DescriptionMany Applications show a update and if I try to get the update the direct link goes to the generic company page and I can not find the update download. It would be very helpless if the direct link of the full version goes direkt to the download page or direct starting the download if it downloadable without registration or something.
Steps To ReproduceFor example SUMo shows a update to Adobe Acrobat DC Version 20.13.20074.18474 and link goes to If I open the the last version I can see is 2020.013.20064. But there are many examples where I can not found the update showing in SUMo because the link is not going to the download only to the company homepage.
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2021-01-09 12:01

administrator   ~0004114

Apart from Adobe, do you face the same situation on other companies ?


2021-01-09 12:07

reporter   ~0004115

Yes, Corel Draw, Evernote Clipper, HP Digital Imaging and many more.


2021-01-12 21:44

administrator   ~0004118

Please retry now. If problem persists, please attach a SUMo log in debug mode for investigation (in Private comment if necessary)


2021-01-20 21:33

administrator   ~0004149



2021-01-24 10:33

administrator   ~0004150

I'd need log in debug mode. To get debug mode, enable "debug" in settings then restart SUMo (and export log again). After that, go back to settings and disable debug mode (degrades performances otherwise)

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