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0006437SUMoBugpublic2021-04-05 20:16
Reporterjoschi100 Assigned ToKyle_Katarn  
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
Product Version5.12.10 
Summary0006437: Flashin "x"
DescriptionThe "x" on the top right is flashing when you go over by mouse. This bug exists some months ago.
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2021-03-30 20:05


x.jpg (2,695 bytes)   
x.jpg (2,695 bytes)   


2021-03-30 22:04

administrator   ~0004242

I've never had such issue.... do you also face this with other KC Softwares product ?


2021-03-31 08:34

reporter   ~0004243

I am using only Sumo. Believe has something to do with your script. E.g. during process updating the list, the screen is flickering, and the "x" is no clickable. May be there is a relation? Please see my settings attached and my recorded video.


2021-04-05 20:16

administrator   ~0004248

Confirmed on my test laptop (but only this computer). More investigation needed.

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