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0006518SUMoBugpublic2021-05-02 20:56
Reporterbege Assigned ToKyle_Katarn  
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
PlatformNotebookOSWindows 10 Professional 64 bitOS Version20H2
Product Version5.12.11 
Target Version5.12.x 
Summary0006518: Missing feedback to user + multithreading needed for "removing items"
DescriptionThe popup while scanning and loading the programs list never vanishes, the title bar says "keine Rückmeldung" (no feedback).
Steps To ReproduceStart Sumo
scan programs
Additional InformationI downloaded and installed the program a second time but it always hangs.
Please, where can I download the previous version which worked correct?
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2021-04-27 20:44

administrator   ~0004273

Would you please immediately press CTRL+S when SUMo starts (to enter settings). Then enable "Debug mode" and restart SUMo ?
After that if problem persists, one it stalls go to c:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Roaming\KC Softwares\SUMo and send me log files (either in Private note here or by email to our tech support)

Thanks !


2021-04-27 21:22

reporter   ~0004274

When SuMo ran in debug mode I saw that it was still filling the log. It took almost 5 minutes to remove and hide entries. So it did not really hang but took very long.
After that I started SuMo in normal mode and now it did not move for 2 minutes.
I think there should be some progress notification while SuMo is removing and hiding entries after scanning and loading instead of just "Loading finished (no feedback), Please wait".


2021-04-27 23:36

administrator   ~0004277

That's unusual as the operation takes < 1 sec in most cases.
May I have your log after SUMo succeed in order to understand why it takes so much time ?
Moreover, no significant change made in last version on this code section... was it behaving faster on previous release ?


2021-04-28 21:24

administrator   ~0004280

Please send log to contact @ (seems not to work here in provate note)
I see from perm.log (the only that works) that SUMo is systematically detecting it's session as a "first execution" therefore opening Wizard at startup. Is it effectively the case ?
Is something preventing SUMo from saving its database file ? (eg sandbox, ...) ?


2021-04-29 18:44

reporter   ~0004281

I sent the log.
SuMo loads the existing database right at startup. That takes some time. Then it searches for SuMo updates. Then I update and start SuMo again which is again loading the database. Then SuMo shall scan and rebuild the database, so loading at startup is a waist of time. This happens although "Load at startup" is deactivated . I reported this years ago but it never changed, also that SuMo first loads the database and then looks for updates. Therefore I start SuMo with a batch script that removes the database before the program starts.
The reported delay happens with and without existing database.


2021-04-29 21:07

administrator   ~0004282

Well recevied.
Regarding your batch file, this is the case of half of the problem. Would SUMo goes faster if the .db file is kept ?
The root cause is also the VERY large list of detected files (1900+) due to the use of "Deep Scan method" which included Program Files folders scanning (not recommended)

Try :
- Switch to Normal Scan, debug mode disabled
- Close SUMo
- Destroy database file
- Launch SUMo
=> Is it running fine then ?


2021-04-29 23:48

reporter   ~0004283

Thank you for your answer.
As I posted before there is no difference with or without database.
I will test your recommendation (no deep scan) and report the result.


2021-04-30 10:33

administrator   ~0004284

OK, thanks, looking forward for your feedback on Normal scan.


2021-05-02 20:41

reporter   ~0004285

Normal scan works OK.
Would you, please, change this behavior?:
- When "Load at startup" is not checked don't load the database at startup. Otherwise I don't understand that setting.
- Add a progress notification while SuMo purges the list (because it takes some time with deep scan).
- First check for update, then load database. Currently it is the other way round.

Thank you very much.


2021-05-02 20:56

administrator   ~0004286


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