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0006659SUMoBugpublic2021-07-30 21:59
ReporterThany Assigned ToKyle_Katarn  
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Summary0006659: Wants to update Node.js from LTS to latest
DescriptionIf I have Node.js LTS (current 12.x) installed, SUMo managed to find an "update" for it, to version 14.x. That's not an update, that's a different release schema. That's going from LTS to non-LTS, which is not good. When Node.js LTS is installed, it should only update to a new LTS version, not to the very latest version. People consciously install an LTS version usually for a very good reason.
Steps To ReproduceInstall Node.js 12.x, run SUMo.
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related to 0006341 resolvedKyle_Katarn NodeJs "LTS" detection should not be executed on 3rd party modules 
related to 0004941 resolvedKyle_Katarn node.js current LTS version shows as needing update 



2021-07-26 21:54

administrator   ~0004345

What's the content of ?
If not present, what's the output of "node -pe process.release.lts" command ?


2021-07-30 11:38

reporter   ~0004355

It says "Fermium" for me.

Node.js doesn't install a Does it ever?


2021-07-30 21:59

administrator   ~0004359 : was only present on old releases

"Fermium" : OK then it should be indicated as LTS by SUMo.
- Which version of SUMo are you using ?
- If you right click > Open containing folder, does it open your LTS folders (and does the line points to node.exe) ? Or to a leftover from another release ?

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