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0006815SUMoNew Featurepublic2023-03-13 00:39
ReporterY_Yamato Assigned ToKyle_Katarn  
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Target Version5.17.x 
Summary0006815: Please change the specification to auto-adjust all cell widths or do nothing.
DescriptionPlease change the specification to auto-adjust all cell widths or do nothing.
I don't like it when only the update column is maximized.

When I change the window size after adjusting the column width,
only the update column is maximized and the other columns become smaller.

Is it possible to keep the width ratio?

Please refer to the attached figure.
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2021-10-28 06:12


SUMo_20210729.png (464,106 bytes)


2023-03-12 12:35

administrator   ~0004758

In 5.17.1 : ratio is kept EXCEPT for the "version" column which is automatically resized. Why should this be changed ?


2023-03-13 00:39

reporter   ~0004759

Because I would like to have a wider "product name" column and "developer" column from the start.
Attachment A is the column display I want and B is the default.
I would like the option for the user to retain the column width they want.
A(I want).png (41,585 bytes)   
A(I want).png (41,585 bytes)   
B(Def).png (31,499 bytes)   
B(Def).png (31,499 bytes)   

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