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0000859SUMoNew Featurepublic2019-05-16 19:41
Reporteradam777 Assigned ToKyle_Katarn  
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
Product Version2.3.6 
Target VersionLong term 
Summary0000859: Give user control over update report threshold
At its current state, SUMo will only report the user of an available update as soon as a specific amount of users have migrated to a newer version.
This is very reasonable for the common user.
However, for purposes such as tracking nightly builds, it's enough that one other user have a newer version, so the current user might want to update.
Therefore, if possible, SUMo should have the option to decide what amount of users are using a newer version in order to get the update notification.
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2019-04-21 19:31

reporter   ~0003242

I understand the description and the intention of the reporter. But I don't know enough of the facts. There are informations missing. I also like this idea to get this feature configurable.

I read several times of such a threshold but not all details. Is there one threshold or two (absolute and relative)? (As far as I understood, there are two such thresholds.)
Are there different thresholds on SUMO server side then on SUMO client?
Are these thresholds used just on the client side and just for reporting?
Or are they also used on the SUMO server side for determination of release or beta state of application version?


2019-04-21 22:49

administrator   ~0003243

Threshold are only on server side. This is the reason for this item to be a major change.

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