Suggestion: marking security updates?

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Suggestion: marking security updates?

Post by bornheim »

Now that Secunia PSI will reach EOL on April 20, SUMo will probably get a lot of attention by new users.

The main difference between SUMo and PSI is that SUMo concentrates on version numbers and the information about version numbers comes from SUMo users while PSI concentrates on security updates (wherever that information comes from). This way, PSI lets me know when I NEED to update an application while SUMo lets me know when I CAN update an application.

I would like (and suggest) a similar feature, where updates are marked as security updates, placing them above the "Major" category. I must admit that I do not have the slightest idea where that information should come from. :) I would be willing to pay for that information instead of hunting after every minor update without knowing if it is actually urgent.

Also: it should be possible to mark software as "not interested in major version number updates (yet)". For example I have Microsoft Office 2010 licensed, which is major version number 14. SUMo suggests to update to major version number 16, which would be Office 2016. For which I'm not licensed (yet).

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Re: Suggestion: marking security updates?

Post by Kyle_Katarn »

This is not an easy task due to SUMo client / server architecture and data model, but i'll give this a look. Thanks for converting from Secunia PSI to SUMo :)

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