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Kaspersky Free 2019 installer gives SUMo a false positive

Posted: Sun Oct 21, 2018 4:52 pm
by MartinPC
As of yesterday, the installer for Kaspersky Free 2019 recommended removing SUMo before the installation would proceed, claiming that SUMo would seriously interfere with Kaspersky's performance. The installer provided a list of ostensibly incompatible programs that it proposed to remove; SUMo was the only program in the list.

I initially deselected SUMo (so that it would not be removed), but I got an alarming confirmation message from Kaspersky, so on the second pass I allowed it to remain selected. After the installer removed SUMo, the Kasperky installation proceeded normally, with two reboots.

After Kaspersky was installed and updated, I reinstalled SUMo from scratch. (Kaspersky's removal process had apparently wiped out my personal SUMo configuration, including source folders, skip list, and ignore list.) Kaspersky didn't interfere with the reinstallation, and SUMo appears to be working normally.

I've seen the install-time false positive confirmed by two other people on Wilders Security Forums, here: ... 153/page-6

It's probably worth alerting Kaspersky that the Kaspersky Free 2019 installer is falsely flagging SUMo as incompatible. For what its worth, Kaspersky offers a "competing" "free" product, Kaspersky Software Updater. However, I'm not suggesting that this was a deliberate false positive, especially considering that Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Beta, a more directly competing product, was NOT flagged.

Re: Kaspersky Free 2019 installer gives SUMo a false positive

Posted: Sun Oct 21, 2018 7:23 pm
by Kyle_Katarn
I'll contact them, but I assume that it' only a way for them to push for their competitor to SUMo :-(