Why does SUMo check versions one at a time?

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Why does SUMo check versions one at a time?

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There's something about SUMo I've always wondered about:

When you click "Scan", SUMo scans your PC and creates a list of your installed apps and their versions.

When you click "Check", SUMo goes online and compares this list against the current version info—but it does this one app at a time (about 2 per second). So if you have lots of apps installed (and most of us do), you must sit there waiting for it to finish.

Isn't SUMo just comparing your list against an online database? Why would something like that take so long, scroll through the list one app at a time? It seems to me such a thing would be nearly instantaneous. Am I missing something?

Thanks, A.

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Re: Why does SUMo check versions one at a time?

Post by scheff »

That's already known. A corresponding change is planned. But it requires a protocol change and hence may not be implemented with a minor update. I don't know if this mid- or long-term change will automatically use the new protocol, provide a configurable user choice or decides automatically depending on the size of the product list to check for existing updates.

The current protocol implementation seems to provide one version value only with its check action. This limits its capacity to take into account further dependencies like operating system.

SUMo doesn't force you to sit before the desktop during its operation, neither in desktop mode nor in minimized mode. You can do other tasks with other applications in the mean time. I didn't use minimized mode yet and hence cannot report on its constraints. If you prefer SUMo do its job with as little interference to other tasks, then try this minimized mode. Have you already discovered and tried?

For trying, go into its option menu and tick the choice to start minimized into info section.

While most SUMo users seem to have it configured to report just a few applications, I've configured it to report almost a maximum (except beta versions). So it takes also long to finish on my devices.

And yes, you're missing something. The current implementation for version resp. update check has intended side effects as it is used to customize its algorithm for determining what is considered an actual released version. For products detected with many SUMo users having installed it, the result should be reliable. For others, it reports a less reliable estimation which may be random or a good guess. It may never report inexisting versions. But it may report versions as available (and released) while in fact still being beta and only accessible to beta testers of those detected products.

I know some tools on some operating systems including Linux to check for available updates. None I know reports instantaneous about such updates on any operating system. So SUMo is no exception.

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Re: Why does SUMo check versions one at a time?

Post by Kyle_Katarn »

Very clear answer, nothing to add. Working on a "single batch" request will likely be next major step for SUMo, but will involve protocol change, which is something to be closely monitored in order not to disrupt existing operations for our current users.

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