Software Installer Tweaking

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Software Installer Tweaking

Post by storageeer »

KC Softwares` software installers should be able to 1-step update the older software that is already present on the computer. While it is not as convenient as an in-built updater, it would be good as a temporary(?) solution until the later one is implemented. It would result in a better user experience, through simplifying the updating procedure.
For this, the following things should be taken into account (in case I forgot to mention something, please count it in):
- did the user install the bundled softwares and services. If yes, which ones, and what were it's/their settings.
- did the user place shortcuts in the start menu
- did the user place shortcut on the desktop

Try-able example*:
step 1. Download and install SMPlayer 0.8.0, with custom installing settings.
step 2. Download and run the installer of one of the 0.8.0.xxxx SMPlayer test builds.
Notice how the installer offers the pre-ticked radio button (o) Update option that acts accordingly. As part of the Update, it also offers the possibility to change the install settings from before, in case the user changes his/her mind about the former settings.

* Linked installers are for Windows
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Re: Software Installer Tweaking

Post by Kyle_Katarn »

I'll give this a look.

Concerning advertiser, i'm changing my installers in order to show less advertisers to end users. Give a look at latest SUMo installer (3 advertisers less than what it was)
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