Kaspersky and Sumo

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Kaspersky and Sumo

Post by Philoudu94 »

Hi there

FYI, Kaspersky considers Sumo incompatible with its software suite.
I asked Kaspersky Lab for explanations, but nothing satisfactory as an answer.

Bonjour à tous

Pour info, Kaspersky considère Sumo incompatible avec sa suite logicielle.
J'ai demandé des explications à Kaspersky Lab, mais rien de satisfaisant comme réponse.
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Re: Kaspersky and Sumo

Post by Kyle_Katarn »

Yes, known issue for years but they don't care. Looks like an unfair way to promote their crappy software updater...

My suggestion is to look for a more serious security solution and drop Kaspersky.

Check it out here : https://forum.kaspersky.com/topic/kes-1 ... ment-81899
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