KFTP and Windows 10

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KFTP and Windows 10

Post by agaeta »

I´ve recently upgrade my Windows 7 to Windows 10 and now KFTP does not work.

I can register it, but when loading my Vb6 app it shows an error:

Class KFTPActiveX.kftp of control kftp1 was not a loaded control class.

I´ve also tried to register it manually (admin permissions), out of c:\windows\system32, etc, using regsvr32 (my windows10 is 32bits), and it shows as registered ok, but do not load.

Other external VB6 OCX is working fine, just KFTP stop working.

Important: my last EXE file that uses KFTP is working fine. The error is just when opening VB6 file.

Any idea?
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Re: KFTP and Windows 10

Post by Kyle_Katarn »

Are you launching Visual Basic 6 framework with Admin privileges ?
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