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Aangifte voor buitenlandse belastingplichtigen 2014 v1.10.1504.1100
by Belastingdienst
ACME gplay v1.0.0.2
by Karl M. Syring (syring@email.com)
Anagramarama v0.4.0.0
by GPL
GPL Ghostscript v9.53.1.0
by Artifex Software, Inc.
GPL Ghostscript (64 bits) v9.53.1.0
by Artifex Software, Inc.
GPLed program v0.21.0.0
HEVC video encoder (64 bits) v3.4.0.2
by Multicoreware: GPLv2 or commercial
NotCPUCores (64 bits) v1.7.2.0
by Robert Maehl, using LGPL 3 License
PingPlotter v5.18.2.8159
by Pingman Tools, LLC
Profile-association Repair Tool v3.0.0.0
by IWR Consultancy, GPL v3
Qrop v0.4.4.0
by GPL v.3
Simple Software Restriction Policy v2.2.0.0
by GPL, IWR Consultancy
Ventoy v1.0.0.2
by longpanda (GPL v3+)